Friday, June 1, 2012

apps for kids that i like

as some of you know lexi uses the i pod touch to some what communicate but also to help when shes in the hospital or dr appointments. so i was thinking why don't i share some apps lexi has on her i pod and then you can share the ones you like. seems easy right. the first app i like is proloquo2go. its a talking app and is kind of hard to program to your child's need but once you do its easy to use. its expensive over 200 but its worth it in the long run. we have also used the talking app tap to talk as well that we like. an app she really like to play is called clean up:category sorting. its where they put toys,food and clothing where they are suppose to go. its free so its a nice app. lexi also likes the shapes toddler preschool, virtuaso free piano, and the color memory match. all three of these are free and are easy for toddlers to use. so what apps do you like and why?

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