Wednesday, June 6, 2012

shes smart? your kidding right

what really aggravates me is when we go places and I tell someone that Lexi can't communicate very well and they act like she's dumb. In fact Lexi is very smart. She understands everything you say and will follow any direction that you ask unless shes being bull headed but thats just her. I also dislike when people start to curse in front of her and I tell them to watch their mouths and they say oh well she wont repeat it. Just because she wont repeat it now doesn't mean she wont repeat it later on and when she does I'm coming after you. The classic thing i dislike people saying is oh she has autism she looks perfectly normal to me. Really tell me how a child with autism looks because they are normal they just learn differently and may not be able to verbally communicate with you. I think thats the problem with society now a days. they don't accept disabilities unless you look it. God created us equal why not treat everyone as an equal. Since having a special needs child I look at those with disabilities differently. I just hope lexi will see everyone as equals too and not judge them. i can at least hope right.

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  1. Great post!! That's exactly right - we should strive to teach our children to see everyone as equals. I wish everyone felt the same way.