Wednesday, June 27, 2012


we went to lexi's developmental appointment on tuesday. she is 34lbs and 39 inches. the doctor talked to the  sleep specialist and on friday we are going to go pick up 3 different c pap masks to get her used to wearing a c pap. then in 2 weeks we will have a sleep study/eeg with her using the c pap. i asked if we could increase her  reperdol but they said they want her central sleep apnea fixed first before they do anything with her medicine.the doctor also wants her in aba therapy but the school that offers aba costs 5 thousand or more a year and there is no way i can even begin to pay for the school. i'm gonna look up the therapy method and see how they do it so maybe i can work with her at home. she just needs some behavior help but there is none unless you have insurance which i don't have. she has mediciade which makes it harder to get aba therapy

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