Thursday, June 14, 2012

look how far shes come

i'v been thinking about how far lexi has truly cam in just a short time. like when she started preschool in february 2011 she had to take a sippy cup of juice and had to have her pacifier with her. she got rid of the pacifier in august and learned how to ride a tricycle in february.  shes also not having as many meltdowns as she was but they are still there. as for potty training i have no idea when she will be potty trained because she doesn't care if shes wet or poopy. iv even tried just putting her in underwear instead of pull ups and she still pees in them. i was hoping she would be potty trained by this summer but its not looking like its going to happen. talking is coming along good. she has apraxia and articulation problems but shes saying more words not clear but you can understand some of it. shes using the i pad and shes actually starting to copy what they say so maybe an i pad was a good idea for her. i sure hope so. the one thing she still hasn't progressed with is fine motor and social skills. i need to talk to her ot and see if we can do more fine motor work because i was watching her use a spoon to eat and she can barely get the food in her mouth. as for social skills she runs away and hides from kids. she doesn't like to even talk to a child her age. she will however interract with a grown up just not kids. it makes me sad that she has no real friends and don't want to play with other kids. autism sucks but shes an amazing little girl

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