about lexi

lexi was born on february 19th 2008. she had problems eating when she was born but other than that she was fine. she grew and was developmentally on track until she turned a yr. she then started to act like a baby more and she stopped saying words that she had been saying. she was also falling alot so i took her to the doctor and they got her inserts for her shoes and referred her to first steps. first steps came out and started to work with her. i then realized she still was not progressing as much and was now throwing horrific fits where they would last for 30 minutes or more and she would bang her head. i took her back to the doctor and said i think she may have autism. the doctor agreed and referred her to a developmental pediatrician. the developmental pediatrician diagnosed her with classic autism,sensory integration disorder, behavior disorder and hypertonia. in 2011 lexi had 6 seizures and it was discovered in a mri that she has a harmatoma in her brain. we now go to rileys every 3 months for a repeat mri to make sure its not growing. she also sees a neurosurgeon at that time. besides the neurosurgeon she sees a neurologist, eye doctor every 3 months, endocrinologist every 9 months, her developmental pediatrician every 2-3 months. she has also just been diagnosed with apraxia. she goes to school 3 times a week and next year will be 5 days a week. she goes to occupational, speech and physical therapy 1time a week. but besides everything going against her she is a very happy little girl. she loves to play with her toys and gives hugs and kisses.

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