Thursday, October 11, 2012

new medicine

so yesterday we went to the developmental doctor. we ended up spending over 2 hours there and really it was stressful. the doctor came in and asked me to draw up lexi's medicine and then proceeded to hold lexi down and give her her medicine. the doctor said i must give her her medicine that way because there is no other option. then i asked the doctor what about her sleeping issue and the doctor said she could sedate the crap out of her but with her central sleep apnea that would be very bad to do. so they put her on acetazolamide which is suppose to help her blood flow in her brain or something like that. she has to take it once a day for a week and then move up to  twice a day. i asked about her getting into stuff when she wakes up so they said for her safety i need to shut her door and put a child lock on it so she can't open the door until i wake up. she woke up at 430 and stayed in her room until i got up so i guess it will work for now. i guess it was a good appointment and i will be trying some of the stuff that they mentioned

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  1. How incredibly frustrating and incompassionate. You must have been so upset watching them hold your child down. I am so sorry for Lexi's struggles. And that the doctor did not seem to offer you more help.