Tuesday, July 10, 2012

having fun and getting sick

last week was the most fun i'v had in a while. i had the week off of work and got to go swimming and spend time with my family and lexi. we went and saw fireworks on the 3rd which was a awesome show. it was very hot last week and i got sunburned bad but it was still fun. on saturday we went to silver beach and played in the lake. lexi got daring and started jumping in the waves and actually let go of my hand a few times. i don't know what the differnce is between the lake and the pool but i think she had more fun in the lake. we went to the flea market as well last week which was fun to look around but i could go broke buying things there lol. i did happen to find me a good deal on bras and a nice shirt while i was there. lexi got a toy guitar that she is having fun playing with. the only bad thing about last week is we both have a cough that just wont go away. iv never gotten sick in the summer but i guess theres always a first for everything right lol. i just hope it goes away really soon because its annoying. lexi is finally getting her new smo's on thursday about time since its been over 3 weeks since we got fitted for them.