Wednesday, October 26, 2011

well now

so after a second mri it turns out it is still a tumor but its a fatty tumor and its most likely not causing her problems so they most likely wont take it out. but the neurologist wants me to take her down to rileys anyways just to meet with the neurosurgeon and get his opinion. also while at the neurologist she sad her eeg came back abnormal so they started her on keppra and will also do another eeg in a couple weeks. they also scheduled an appointment with the genetisitst to see if maybe there is something wrong in lexi's chromosomes. i kinda hope maybe they can shine some light into why lexi is the way she is.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mri results are in

lexi had her mri today and they found a mass in her brain, most likely a tumor. tomorrow we are going back to have a contrast mri and then monday we are having blood work done and most likely be sent to riley childrens hospital soon after

Sunday, October 9, 2011

hospital pics

this is when they did the eeg on 10/7
 this is when she was in the er on 10/6 waiting to be admitted

Saturday, October 8, 2011


on Thursday the 6Th i took lexi to the park with her father and my friend maryia. we was walking around and lexi was a little bit behind me when all of a sudden i heard her fall flat on her face. i picked her up and realized right away that she was seizing. so right away i layed her down and yelled shes seizing and a guy at the park called 911 for me. they came and got her and took us to the hospital. once at the hospital we figured out that she started seizing before she fell and we knew that because she didn't try to catch herself. her Dr admitted her right away since she didn't have any reason to have a seizure. they did blood work, and an EEG. they also started her on kepra so she wont have anymore seizures. i have to schedule a MRI under general anesthesia and she has to see a neurologist in fort Wayne plus have a follow up appointment with her pediatrian this week.