Friday, March 30, 2012

long over due update

lexi is doing good. shes riding the bike very well without any help at all. they did discover that her right leg is weaker than the left and she does tend to drag it when walking. so im guessing she will be having more extensive physical therapy on that leg. as for speech she's still not talking that well. i'm beginning to think i should have gone ahead and got the augmentative communication device a couple months ago. she probably would be doing really good with it but i guess you make choices that you wish would have been different. only 26 more days until she goes back to riley's for her mri of her brain and brainstem. kinda getting nervous just because who knows what the results will be this time.

lexis big girl bed

i decided it was time to move lexi to a twin size bed and allowed her to pick out her bedding herself. as you can see shes very happy in her new bed

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

central sleep apnea

we went today to the sleep specialist and it turns out lexi has central sleep apnea. what that means is she forgets to breath. they said her oxygen is normal but her carbon dioxide is really high. so now we have to get a mri of her brain stem and send her to a ent to make sure her tonsils and adnoids dont need to come out since she did have a couple obstructive apnea while we had the sleep study. then if everything comes out ok then we will try the c pap

Sunday, March 4, 2012

wonder what she is thinking

I always sit and wonder what Lexi is thinking. I mean since she can't communicate like the rest of us I wonder what goes on in her little head. I know she has a lot stored in her head and I know its just waiting to all come out. There are times when shes sitting down watching her cartoons and she just makes this face like shes really concentrating and taking every word they say in. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

dr called

so the doctor called me herself and said we have to see if her keppra level is fine. if its not the dr will up her dose and then we will have to have it checked again. then once thats achieved then she will put her on resipidol.

trip to rileys and anger issues

so yesterday we went to Riley's and it was a very quick eye doctor visit. everything looks ok with her eyes so we go back in 3 months for another visit. so now we have about a month and a half until we go back to Riley's yay. bad thing now though is Lexi's anger issues. she is getting worse with her aggression and i have called her doctor twice now but so far there is no answer to help her. just yesterday she threw 2 shoes at my friends baby and kicked my friend when she was trying to make sure she didn't throw anything else. but its just not that she hits children at school and beats my little brother up also. i think she needs behavior therapy but we will see what the doctors solution is.