Friday, March 2, 2012

trip to rileys and anger issues

so yesterday we went to Riley's and it was a very quick eye doctor visit. everything looks ok with her eyes so we go back in 3 months for another visit. so now we have about a month and a half until we go back to Riley's yay. bad thing now though is Lexi's anger issues. she is getting worse with her aggression and i have called her doctor twice now but so far there is no answer to help her. just yesterday she threw 2 shoes at my friends baby and kicked my friend when she was trying to make sure she didn't throw anything else. but its just not that she hits children at school and beats my little brother up also. i think she needs behavior therapy but we will see what the doctors solution is.

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  1. Glad her eyes are doing ok. ill pray the drs sees what you are trying to tell them and try to help your daughter.