Monday, October 8, 2012

i need sleep and maybe nerve pills

ok so the sleep i most definetly need. but the nerve pills i probably could go for as well lol. lexi is still getting up at 3 every single morning no matter how late i put her to bed. seriously shes like the fricken energizer bunny she goes goes and goes some more. honestly i dont know how she does it. and once shes up she gets into every single thing. i mean if she got up and watched cartoons that would be somewhat ok but no she has to get into stuff she should not be getting into. and her attitude is worse than a teenager. she screams about everything. i need a vacation for real no joke

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  1. This probably isn't in the good parenting manual. But to stop Boo from escaping, we reversed the door lock on her bedroom. That way she cannot get out and into anything until we get up in the morning. If she gets up before us (or like Lexi one time at 4am) the only trouble she can get into is contained. As far as the screaming, the "experts" say that they will only scream for a half hour. THEY LIE!!! Boo will scream all night. But after 2 very long weeks she finally caught on.

    Good luck, try to nap today