Sunday, September 30, 2012


so nothing new has really happened in the two weeks. the only really major thing right now is that im waiting on her doctors nurse to call me back with a solution to having lexi take her meds. she fights like no other and then spits them out. before you ask i have tried putting it in her drinks but she takes one sip and refuses to drink any more. don't ask me how she knows but she does. i'v also tried it in her food but if i try to get her to eat then she refuses and then i end up wasting food and medicine. i even thought if i rewarded her with a treat afterward it might help but nope she still spits it out. she doesn't just spit it out for me either. she spits out the meds for anyone. drs nurses and her grandma as well. so now i really have no idea how they are going to get her to take the meds. right now she has a cold and hasn't been sleeping really well at night. she goes to bed fine but then once 3am comes around she gets up and gets into every single thing you can imagine. i had to search for my glasses cuz she hid them from me. but other than that shes gone on a field trip and is going again on friday. well have a great week and hopefully i hear something back soon from the doctor


  1. I hate giving meds! I finally had Boo taking one med and then it was back ordered so we had to take something different. Another battle! Luckily there is one drug that is a sol-u-tab. So if you put it in her mouth it starts to immediately dissolve.

    One time, before I had a chance to stop her...Boo's pill was out of her mouth and into the puppy's! And it was a laxative to make life more exciting.

    Fingers crossed that the doc calls you back.

    Love the pumpkin pics :)

    1. the nurse called me back and they are looking for a solution to taking her meds. the biggest thing though is they suggested that i take the medicine to school and have the nurse give it to her. biggest problem with that is besides the anti seizure med shes on 2 other ones as well and plus the seizure med is 2x a day so that really doesnt fix the problem. oh wow i bet that was lovely after the puppy aint the laxative