Wednesday, September 19, 2012

school, dr appointments and referrals

lexi has been doing really well in school. she's getting back to herself this week after a very off week last week after her seizure. shes still weak on her left side but hopefully that will get better as well. we had her appointment with her developmental pediatrician and that was the fastest appointment we have had with her. we got there at 1030 and was out at 11. the doctor came and got us and said that she wanted to make this very fast and easy because she understands that we spend alot of time in doctor offices so she didn't want to make us stay longer than necessary. i told her that lexi has started having seizures again so she got the blood work from her neurologist and increased her keppra to 3 1/2 mls twice a day. then she is referring us to neurogenetics down at rileys and most likely the sleep clinic down there as well since the sleep doctor there in the office doesn't want to help figure out how to get lexi's sleep apnea under control. she also is calling her neuro surgeon since lexi did have another seizure and is now weak on the left side to see what she says and to let her know what is going on. lots have been going on but i think we now have a routine going. just hope the keppra rage stops soon cuz i honestly didnt think that increasing the med would set her off that much but it has.

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