Sunday, June 17, 2012

going gluten free

well i decided that i'm gonna have lexi go gluten free again. mainly because she does have a gluten allergy and the doctor wants her to be on a gluten diet but also because maybe her behaviors are because of her gluten allergy. she can't tell me she doesn't feel good so whos to say she doesn't get mad and act out because her stomach hurts. so i'm gonna try my hardest and make sure everything she eats are gluten free. i went grocery shopping and found her these granola bars that she absolutely loves. they are organic and gluten free so its a win win for her. and another thing she likes is the quaker rice cakes. i tried them and they aren't that bad. shes really doing good with eating what i tell her she can eat. if anything i'm making her alot healthier so its a really good thing for me to do this. i'm just hoping i can stick to it

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