Friday, August 17, 2012

some progress

so for the past month i have not been going in with lexi while she does her therapy mainly because she doesn't work as hard as when i'm not in there. last week was a fail and this week she only had physical therapy. she cried for me during the whole hour but tricia said that lexi did everything that tricia asked even crying. big improvement from last week. our hope is when she realizes that she can not control the situation that she will stop screaming and scrying and actually start working harder in therapy. that being said today she told my mom's dog to sit down. a two word phrase that i could actually totally understand. my mom even heard it as well and we both were excited. she also started school today. she will go 3 days a week for the next 2 weeks and then on the 5th she will start going all 5 days. i think it will be good for her since she needs the routine and the fact that she has to be separated from me i think will help her. she also starts behavior therapy soon as well. im praying it helps calm her fits down because when shes throwing a fit its very hard to get her to stop. hope everyone has a great weekend

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