Friday, August 24, 2012

it takes a village to raise a child

i have heard over and over again that it takes a village to raise a child. i truly agree it is like that when you are raising a special needs child. not everyone understand what you are going through but you need all the help you can get. that being said you need to not only have someone to help physically but also emotionally. when raising a child with a disability you need someone who you can go to and just talk to without being embarrassed or having someone be very judgemental towards you. also when raising a child with a disability you have to know there is going to be lots of errors when your raising your child. you wont have a magical fix so to speak when teaching them how to learn or to talk. you have to be very honest and know that you will have to keep trying and switching ways to teach them. if you try one way and it doesn't work then try another way. in no way am i saying that i have all the answers because i certainly don't. i had lexi's behavior therapist sit down with me and we had a hour long talk brainstorming and trying to figure out how to help lexi. i told him about her behaviors this week and he agrees shes trying to tell us she is done with something. is she stressed out because she doesn't see me enough. probably but does that solve everything no. is she tired from not getting good enough sleep. it probably wouldn't hurt for her to get more and better sleep. we also are looking at is she just having too much speech/occupational/physical therapy that maybe she needs a break. maybe she is so now we need to determine if we can stop therapies right now without major regression. i just want the best for lexi and thats what we are working towards. my goal right now is to get her to where she can live independently on her own when she is over 18. i have to be realistic when i set goals for her because only God knows what lexi is capable of and what her life will turn out like later in life. as long as she is happy and healthy so am i.

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  1. I would be lost without Boo's village. That includes our family, Boo's various therapists and my best bud Tia. I think we forget that we are not supermom. We need to lean once in a while and that is more than okay!