Friday, August 10, 2012

ready to pull my hair

sometimes i wish i could pull my hair and make everything be ok. yesterday was beyond horrible. we went to therapy and she screamed all 2 hours. and i mean hitting,trying to run out the door, biting the wall, knocking the chair over kind of horrible fits. what it comes down to is she doesn't want to listen to her therapists and wants me to do the work instead of letting them help her. so in order to get her to let them work with her iv started to sit out in the hall but then she acts like this. hmm hopefully she will learn that no matter how many times she screams and throws a fit they are not giving into her. that being said her therapist told me yesterday she needs meds because something is wrong in her brain. let me tell you that is not what i wanted to hear and i could have just started crying or walk out. i was tempted as my nerves were shot by then. oh and on top of it all i get a phone call to come in tonight for lexi's sleep study with the c pap. anyone want a fun night lol i can now just picture how tonight will go. pray for my sanity and the nurses sanity while we are there.

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  1. Good luck tonight, sleep studies are so hard.