Friday, August 3, 2012

long overdue update

July came and gone and now its August. lexi has been very grouchy here lately. on the 25th she had her mri and met with the neurosurgeon who she decided to scream at and try to hit and bite her. that little temper tantrum earned her a visit from psychiatry. psychiatry said that she needed help so now we are going to have a behavior therapist come out to my home and work with her. I'm praying it helps cause otherwise i don't know what else to do. shes out of control. shes been screaming biting hitting. its getting out of hand. yesterday she screamed the whole hour for therapy so she didn't get speech therapy. then at the doctor's she tried to bite the doctor again. the doctor did decide to try her on vivance again for  her adhd to see if maybe she will calm down a little bit. we will see. well ill update again soon

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