Friday, August 17, 2012


so to get lexi ready for school it wasn't very hard. she will be going to the special needs preschool again this year and she will also be starting at the speech therapy and resource class as well. she will ride the bus to and from school with an aid on the bus. this year she has a morning bus driver i had as a senior in high school and she also has the same bus driver as last year in the afternoon. the biggest change this year is she will be sent applesauce everyday since she has a gluten allergy. not that big of a deal but it makes me mad when they feed her something with gluten in it. she will also have ot and speech during school as well. we do have a  plan in place in case she has any seizures but i don't for see any happening again. shes almost a year free from seizures yay. so thats basically what i did to get her ready for school not that big of a deal

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