Friday, August 31, 2012

can we have a repeat please

so yesterday lexi had school and then speech and physical therapy. her behavior consultant met with us at the therapy center and wow wow wow. it was a totally different experience. for the first time in over a month lexi sat down at the table never screamed for me and did everything that kristin wanted her to do. she worked very hard and i am so glad. she did get upset when her behavior consultant left the room but once he went back in there she calmed back down and started working again. we believe that maybe lexi just isn't ready to be by herself with another person and thats why she is crying for me when i leave the room. we know its not a trust issue so thats good. the bad part though is because shes been screaming and not working these last few weeks shes now regressed and her speech has gotten worse. so we are hoping that once we figure out her problems and get her working hard again she will begin talking alot. she also did very well with physical therapy as well and everyone was very proud of her. i am so very proud of her for how she did yesterday because i knew she could do it.the biggest thing right now is at home she is getting into everything and misbehaving for my mom. its like shes going through the terrible 2s again. i hope it goes away though lol.

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