Sunday, April 29, 2012

mri/hospital visit

so friday we went to rileys to have lexi's repeat mri. after her mri we went and saw her neurosurgeon who i love. when dr ackerman walked in she looked at lexi and was like you look stoned from the general anesthesia. her mri looked good the mass is still the same size. however while we was there i mentioned that lexi drinks close to 90oz a day. dr ackerman then told me she would be right back and called endocrine. endocrine came down and went over her records and it was decided to admit her to be safe. they did testing for diabetes and that came back fine. the dr said its just in her head and i have to limit her drinking. so tomorrow im calling dr luzzi and asking to switch her medicine because i feel since we ruled out diabetes its her medicine making her drink. so we shall see what goes on with that. i do have to say that rileys is an awesome hospital and i do recommend it to anyone
waiting for her mri

in her room 

playing peek a boo with her nurse

finally asleep after a hard day 

the view from our room.

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