Thursday, April 12, 2012

when life throughs you lemons make lemonade

so we went to lexi's developmental pediatrician today and she told me to tell her therapist to stop using sign language. i'm very confused because she is using signs really well but her doctor wants her to instead use an i pad which she loaned us today. so i told the speech therapist what she said and she strongly disagrees with the doctor and feels like lexi should sign as well as try to talk. the doctor told me if lexi's therapist doesnt agree then we should find another therapist. however i think her therapist makes a good point at lexi learning sign. also the doctor feels she does have severe apraxia and thats what her therapist things so at least they agree there. also the doctor will be doing some research to see if there is any other genetic testing they can do to see if its causing all of this. finally to top it off her doctor has told me that they must do labs before lexi has her tonsils out otherwise something bad can happen cuz her meds cause her blood to be thin or something so they need to make sure its ok to do surgery plus her billirubin level was high the last time she had blood work done


  1. what communication program does your therapist want to use with her on the ipad? There are some great ones out there. Ask her if she is familiar with the TalkTablet - it is a new one, I just downloaded it for my son - need to get it set up! :)

    1. her doctor wants her to use tap to talk. her therapist wants her to do sign language