Thursday, April 26, 2012

i need sleep

the past couple nights have been exhausting. Sunday night/Monday morning Lexi decided to get up at midnight and stay up. i'm so not use to not getting barely any sleep. then on Tuesday she decided to only sleep a few hours as well as on Wednesday. then of course today she was up at 5 wanting to play. i believe its her medicine   kicking in because shes also very thirsty, needing to pee alot, and being very whiny. i'm glad that this week was her off week at school because i have no idea how she would make it through school with as little of sleep as shes been getting. i'm gonna say something to the neurosurgeon tomorrow to see what she says. getting kind of nervous for tomorrow but i know it will be ok plus my friend Lauren is going with me so that will be even better. maybe i wont snap on her like i did my mom when my mom took me down last time. lol well ill update you all tomorrow after her mri and neurosurgeon appointment

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