Wednesday, April 11, 2012


last week lexi's speech therapist talked to me about signing and we both agreed to start working harder on signing with her since she's still not communicating the best. but i'm not too sure how thats going to go because she seems to not be able to make her fingers do what needs to be done. i'm hoping she can get into signing but i'm not sure. tomorrow we go to see her developmental dr in south bend. hopefully this time she will be there and not make me have a phone conference with her like the last time. plus i have a paper for theraputic horse back riding that i need her to fill out for me. easter was good. she got playdough and some new books which she loves reading. she also got a very beautiful dress to wear and new sandals which made her extremely happy. only 16 days until we go to rileys. ill leave you with some pics from easter.

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