Sunday, April 22, 2012

random things

so i decided to make something new last night for dinner. i made taco salad with doritos which i thought was really good but lexi decided to take one look at it and start acting like it was chocking her. there goes my healthy eating lol. my friend is giving me a gorge forman grill so ill be making more delicious foods. if you have any recipes you would love to share i would love them because i'v been wanting to make different things and not just the same meals over and over again.
secondly how do you get this child to be potty trained. i thought for a while i was getting somewhere but now she thinks its funny to go in her pull up. shes still using the potty but she will intentionally go in her pants as well. so any ideas are welcome.
third thing iv been spring cleaning and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. i think i got rid of almost a trunk full of stuff and sold quit a bit of lexi's baby stuff and clothes that are way to small for her. i have no idea what has gotten into me but man i keep looking for more stuff to get rid of. well i think thats all for today

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