Thursday, May 3, 2012

stressed to the max

oh where to begin. i dropped my car off at the mechanic and borrowed my moms car so i would have a vehicle. well wouldnt you know her car broke so now i have my car back and praying it wont break down on me. i started to watch a 9 month old little girl and that didnt work out. lexi threw toys at her and spit on her. lexi also had a meltdown that lasted almost the whole day. when i say that i mean she screamed,cried, bit, threw things and was just very angry the whole entire day. that was very stressful. the doctor says she needs to be in social situations but how can she be if shes going to hurt other kids. i just wish she got along with other kids.  therapy went ok today. her therapist doesnt know how to help her. lexi is turning her voice off when the therapist asks to turn it on and vice versa and she said shes never met a child that did that. so now she has to try and find someone who has and see what they say about how to help her. one lesson i learned is lexi is far from a text book case. shes very unique

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