Tuesday, May 29, 2012

oh boy

last night lexi stayed up from 12 am monday until 3 am this morning with only 5 minute naps here and there. she finally went to sleep and was up at 7 and again at 9. of course this is after i called the nurse on call and had her page lexi's dr who switched her to tylenol with codiene. you would think that would knock her out but nope it didn't and it hasn't yet. she did eat a hot dog and a marshmellow today. i know its not on the list for allowed food but my neighbor offered it so i figured why not. she ate it all. i think the worse part of this is that shes not getting sleep and shes not on her schedule and you know with kids with autism she needs a schedule. i'm so tired but she wont go to sleep. i now know if i ever have another kid i will refuse to have there tonsils and adnoids out because this is the worse iv ever seen a child act. well pray for sleep cuz i need it and i know she needs it


  1. Tonsil and adenoid surgery was worse on Max than open heart surgery! His game changer was finally switching to tylenol. He hated the taste of liquid loritab that much. We were in the hospital for a week because he was too stubborn to drink. Prayers for sleeping and drinking!

    1. shes drinking its just the crying all night long thats starting to bother me. and of course the tylenol doesn't seem to help and neither does the loritab. thanks for the prayers