Saturday, April 16, 2011


someone once asked me how do you deal with Lexi having autism? well you just deal with it. Don't get me wrong its hard sometimes, especially when she is meltdown mode and you have no idea what is causing her to have meltdowns or how to get them to stop. but i deal with it because she is my daughter and God gave her me because he knew i could handle a special girl like her. i just wish everyone could understand her like i do. people say i'm spoiling her but i'm just trying to keep her going into a meltdown. people need to stop thinking shes dumb or doesn't know what people are saying just because she cant talk. she is a very special little girl and is very smart. she knows what your saying and understands it. she just cant communicate with the rest of the world. i guess my mission now is to teach people about autism and raise awareness. everyone should know it can happen to anyone from your family and you shouldn't be quick to judge the parents.

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