Friday, April 15, 2011

the beginning

where to even begin. i decided to start a blog to keep up people up to date on lexi's journey with autism and to share my thoughts and my feelings. lexi was born on feb 19th 2008. she weighed 5lbs 120z and was healthy. my first clue that something wasn't right was when she didn't want to eat when she was born. then she did. then when she should have been lifting herself up she was slower at it but i never thought anything about it. i tried to feed her baby food at 4 months but all she wanted was formula. so i didnt pressure her to eat baby food until around she was ready at 8 months old. she started walking at 13 months and starting saying a few words. a few months later i decided to say something to her pediatrician because she wasn't talking like she should be. so they referred her to first steps and put her with a developmental therapist. during her time with her developmental therapist we started noticing changes. she started banging her head on the floor, having really bad meltdowns, losing any words that she once had and she started acting like she wanted to be a little baby again. so my mom went searching on the internet for clues as to what might be causing lexi to do this she found the term autism. i freaked because i had only heard of sever cases and i knew she didnt have the most sever case. so i did some searching on my own. i finally looked at all the symptoms and said yes i think she has it and took her to her dr.

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