Thursday, April 21, 2011

dr appointment

On tuesday i was asked to bring lexi into the doctor so we could try her on liquid ritalin to try and help her calm down and learn better. I really didn't want to put her on medicine because i know the side effects and know that in time they sometimes stop working. but i did it anyway. so we gave her the first dose in the office and waited a half hour. the dr came back and told me to read to lexi. she sat there and listened to 3 books without moving and actually found the object when i asked her where it was in the book. the dr then gave lexi a puzzle. and not that easy of a puzzle it was one that has the hands. lexi sat there studied the pieces and put them in there place and never once got mad and tried to throw them or walk away. i know its too soon to say hey its working but when she actually sits and does a puzzle by herself when before she needed help i think its something to think about. also on tuesday her doctor told me about a study that is going to be going on next friday and they want lexi to participate. the study is on seeing how she learns and what the best way is to teach her. so of course i'm going to take her cuz im curious to see how she learns. and finally i got the call about the play project and she will start that may 5th. im excited because they said the waiting list was a year and they got her into it in 2 months.

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