Tuesday, August 8, 2017


so in july we met with the epileptologist and had a 24 hr eeg done. the 24 hr eeg showed she is having spikes all thru her temporal and occipital lobes. it also showed she is having generalized spikes so that rules her out for the epilepsy surgery. she also cant have the vns done because of too much scar tissue. so we decided to start her on trileptal in hopes it calms her moods and seizures. so far its not done anything but we arent giving up yet.if this med doesnt work we can try zongram or depakote again. we then went and saw a pychiatrist last month as well. we upped her adhd medicine and added risperdal and a med we can give as needed to help calm her down. i have seen some changes so thats good. lexi starts at kids care before and after school tomorrow instead of going to familys houses. im praying she does well there and listens so i can give my family a break from watching her during the school year. addie will be going to daycare full time in 2 weeks which then means i can offically go back to work full time. i have been working 4 days but now i can work 5 except when lexi has appointments. school offically starts tomorrow so im praying its a great yr