Wednesday, July 5, 2017

a month has gone by oh my

so last friday we went to riley childrens hospital to meet with the neurosurgeon. she didnt say no completely to the vns but she said because of what happened she wont put it in yet. she wants us to see the epileptologist and have the video eeg the 14th and see if her seizures are still coming from the right side. if they are coming from the right side then lexi might be a candidate for epilepsy surgery. but her seizures must come from the right side. if they arent then there is no chance for epilepsy surgery. she agreed october was to far to wait to see the epileptologist so we went to the scheduling desk and they emailed the epileptologist and she agreed to see lexi this friday (7th). im hoping she will agree to wean her off the banzel and maybe try different meds but we will have to wait and see what she thinks. im hoping she will take over care since they have more things they can do at this hospital than at the one her current neuro is at.