Saturday, June 3, 2017

school is over

last friday was the last day of school which really stinks for kids like lexi. lexi thrives off of going to school so summer break is always hard. but she made progress this year with the communication device they have for her at school. the speech therapist is going to try and get another device approved since medicaid denied the one we wanted. the one she is trying to get approved is almost like the one we wanted but cheaper so we are hopeful. we did get an appointment with the neurosurgeon for a second opinion on june 30th. im nervous but hopeful this dr will help us figure out what to do for lexi or will know who to refer us to for help. lexi had a 10 minute plus complex partial on thursday night which freaked me out only because i have never seen one last so long. her seizures usually only last a few minutes. the dizziness is also bothersome because she gets so dizzy before one that she cant walk and then afterwards stay dizzy and cant walk either.