Friday, March 4, 2016

6 months without an update oh my

starters since its been 6 months since i apologize iv been extremly busy.

lexi: shes been doing ok in school now that we have found ways to help her better. her beginning of 1st grade was really hard she was being disruptive and not doing her school work. we had her iep in february and since then a huge change has happened. we have decided to add in play time after she does some work and that has been a major improvement. we have also decided that she needs to focus on how to be socially appropriate and how to act right socially so they are working on that as well. health wise its been up and down. seizures have been occuring more and she had a 3 minute tonic clonic a few weeks ago. shes been referred to the mayo clinic but i havent heard from them. we are working on getting a communication device for her as well. the holidays were hard on her but we got through them and she celebrated her 8th birthday 3 weeks ago.

my sweet addalynn. she is now almost 6 months old and is getting so big. in october she was diagnosed with milk protein allergy after having blood in her stools. so we switch her to nutramigin and then her reflux hit hard. so shes been on zantac since. she still has bad reflux but overall shes a happy little baby. she is sleeping mostly thru the night waking at 2:30 to eat. she learned how to roll over at 13 weeks which shocked me but since then she is content in rolling all over. she laughs and smiles at everything and has found a love for putting her feet in her mouth. she loves her nana papa auntie and is fond of her daddy when she sees him. she is growing so big and i cant wait to see what life has in store for this sweet little girl.