Sunday, June 21, 2015

summer is here

summer is here and the last month has been super busy. we started the ketogenic diet but then 2 weeks ago decided it wasn't working out and came off it. lexi just wasn't eating enough to gain weight and wasn't drinking as much as what you have to on the diet. since being off she is so much happier and hopefully will be gaining the weight she lost back soon. coming off the diet also means we now are going to cinncinati to see their epilepsy clinic. it is ranked as a top 3 or 4 i think so im anxious to see what they say we can do differently or if surgery is an option for lexi. we go the 2nd so my anxiety has been high to say the least. lexi is out of school and will be going onto 1st grade next year. hard to believe this year is done and over with. the biggest news is lexi had her make a wish which was for a room makeover with sensory things added. they got her a swing for inside and it has been her favorite since. her room is a room every girl wants and im glad for her opportunity for this. as far as mommy goes baby addie is still growing. i am 25 weeks. i found out i have low iron and failed my 1 hr glucose test so i now have to take the 3 hr one this week.