Sunday, May 10, 2015

the ketogenic diet

on monday we was admitted to start the diet. when we got to the hospital they had no orders for her to be admitted but once i showed them the email from the dietician they figured it out and it only took 15 minutes to get into a room. once there we got checked in and around 12 she had her first ketocal formula meal. we chose to do that since we didnt have the cream or other stuff she needed up from the kitchen just yet. that day was pretty easy as she just had her urine checked for ketones and ate when it was time. tuesday early morning was eventful she threw up at 2:30 and we discovered her blood surgar was 44 so we ended up giving her orange juice to get it up since she was symptomatic. then she threw up again at 330 and 630 and we decided to hold her feeds for a lil while. well she then decided to not eat and couldnt tolerate her formula either. wednesday the attending thought they was going to send us home but the dietician wanted us to stay til thursday because she was becoming acidic. thursday morning she once again threw up her feeds and i finally told the dr and the dietican that if we was going to go home we would need a feeding pump so we could feed her very slowly. they at first was against it but finally they approved the feeding pump and ordered it. i finally was able to give her fluids and formula very slowly but she held them down. friday she ate one meal by mouth and the rest was through her g tube and saturday was basically the same. today we got her to eat 2 snacks and one meal so we are getting there finally. its a learning experience but i have hope that it will work for her.