Sunday, September 14, 2014

lots of news

first of all sorry for the lack of updates. i didnt realize i havent updated this month yet but thats because it seems we have been busy. school is going ok for lexi. i learned she is following what other kids are doing including the things she shouldnt be doing. they have a color chart and she thinks its funny to move her clothes pin to the other colors even though she should keep it on green. so the teacher has to keep figuring out how to get her to understand that she should be doing the correct things. they have this reading app on the ipad that shes been working on which is really cool. shes even able to work on it at home which helps her to progress. i think this year is going great so far. medically she is doing good. shes weaned off vimpat which is a seizure med so now she is only on 3. since being off vimpat we have been seeing more absense seizures but as long as they arent the tonic clonics im ok with dealing with them. she is having surgery on tuesday for a supraglottoplasty which is thinning of the larynx. im hoping it helps her with her sleep apnea. other than that everything has been going good. will update soon again