Sunday, August 31, 2014

things are going great

lexi loves school. she is becoming more social and helpful as the days go on at school. her teacher i believe is the perfect fit for her. she is also becoming more independent where she wants to do things by herself and not want me to help her. heath wise shes doing good we have weaned her off of risperdal completly and we are weaning her off vimpat again. so far with the weaning i havent seen any increase in seizures so that is a good thing. she actually has had a cold and has handled it very well so thats a good thing. now if only she would sleep through the night in her bed i would be very happy

Saturday, August 16, 2014

back to school

Lexi went back to school this week. she woke up at 6 and got ready and was constintly waiting and watching for the bus until it came at 730. then she took off running for it without her stuff which i thought was cute and funny. she so far enjoys going which is great. although iv never had a problem with her going to school since shes been going since she was 2 days shy of 3. other than that things have been great. no major seizures and i think shes been seizure free for a few days even. i say i think because i could be missing some at night but at least its not the tonic clonics. here are a few newer pics. shes growing so fast

Saturday, August 9, 2014


so last weekend lexi had 2 tonic clonics that lasted over 20 minutes each so she earned herself a trip to the er and then was transported to the childrens hospital where her neuro is. everything was fine we just stopped weaning her vimpat that we was trying to get her off of and increased lamictal as well. we are hoping to be able to try and wean off vimpat soon but it all depends on lexis body. we went and saw pulmonolgy and he changed her inhaler to something different in hopes it will help her through the allergy season with her asthma. i called on friday to see where we are at at getting her pulse ox and the person at the home medical place said she has to get a different prescription because it doesnt say the right thing. ugh what ever just hurry and get it for us so i can watch her better at night with her seizures. i also got a phone call that her developmental ped put in a prescription for a special needs bed so hopefully her insurance will approve it soon  because she needs a safer place to sleep and when she has seizures as well. i have a feeling insurance will try and deny it which will probably happen but i will get enough drs and therapists to back me up that she needs one. i just hate waiting to know if and when she will get it. i mean like the pulse ox. we have been waiting almost a month and they havent even submitted it to insurance yet and i know insurance will try and deny that as well. just stupid. like we are still waiting on medicaid to approve her therapies still. they suspended them and therapy has been trying to get them to approve it but so far no. luckily she has secondary childrens or we would be in trouble since she needs therapy.