Friday, November 30, 2012

sickness and everything in between

since i last updated lexi has gone to the doctor twice and been sent home from school once. her being sent home from school was my fault because i knew something was wrong with her but i still chose to send her.turns out she had a grand mal seizure when she was sleeping and it took her a while to come out of it. now on i know not to send her to school if shes acting that way. guess its just one of thoses times you learn the hard way.hard to believe that november is almost over. lexi has an appointment with her neurologist on the 6th so ill update then unless something else happens before then

Monday, November 19, 2012

we got a date and time for genetics

yay after a few months of waiting for a referral to neurogenetics down at rileys today they finally called me. we go down february 22nd at 8 in the morning. my thought is we will most likely spend the night down there the night before since its early. im praying we get answers for once but we have 4 months to wait. im excited though lexi is doing ok shes out of wack since she didnt have school last week. she needs structure like at school all the time but its impossible to do that.

Friday, November 9, 2012

what im grateful for

i feel the need to blog about what im truely grateful for. i know some people are doing a whole months worth of gratefulness but i'm different and want to do mine different. first of all im grateful i have a loving God who has given his one and only son to die on the cross for our sins. second im blessed to have a wonderful mom who is not only my mom but my best friend as well. im also blessed to have a wonderful daughter who is amazing and sometimes difficult but mostly amazing. the thing im really grateful for is that my daughter is healthy and is able to walk,talk and eat. yes she has disabilities but i'm grateful that the thing in her brain is not cancer and that shes not having to go through that. im also grateful that her seizures are far and few and doesnt control her life. im grateful that she is very healthy. so now one more thing before i go please pray for isaac steiner. hes a 7 yr old boy who was given clean scans in september but thursday morning he woke up not being able to walk and they did a mri and it was shown his cancer is back

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween pics and lexis new stroller

We had a great halloween this year besides the fact that it was raining and cold. Lexi was a ballerina monkey which fits her personality very well. Everyone calls her a monkey so it just fit. We went trick or treating in town and got lots of candy. Lexi was scared of the people in masks though poor girl. Other news is we finally got lexis new stroller. Its called an eco buggy and it sits up to 110 pounds. I like it cuz now she actually will fit in the stroller and I won't have to carry her