Saturday, January 7, 2012


today has been a hard day for me. autism really stinks, i want lexi to be able to talk and play like all the other kids. i know god made her unique and i need to just deal with it but its hard. especially when everyone around me still says she doesnt have autism even though 2 different doctors have diagnosed her with it. i mean come on.and then the staring when we go out is bad. i just want to be like stop starring at my child she has feelings just because she cant talk and has a meltdown when she is frusterated dont mean you can sit there and stare at her. how would you like it if i starred at you. probably wouldnt like it. and then there is the potty training. i really pray she will be potty trained soon. and will start talking this year. i want so bad to make life easier for her but i cant and it sucks

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