Monday, September 19, 2011

er visit

so last night i knew something was wrong lexi was whining more and i assumed it was her belly that was causing her trouble. so i laid her in her bed and laid down myself. at 930 i heard chocking noises and then i heard her fall off her bed. i got up and turned on the light and saw that she was actually having a seizure. so i ended up calling 911 and having them take her to the hospital since shes never had a seizure and i wasnt sure what caused it. we got to the hospital and she was running a 102 fever and she threw up. they did blood work and an x ray and said she has the start of pnemonia. well at least we caught it early just wished she wouldnt have had the seizure cuz it scared the crap out of me. as im writing this she is laying watching dora and running a fever again.

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