Tuesday, September 20, 2011

always something

after i posted the last blog lexi had another two seizures before 830. so i called her pediatrician and they told me to come in. well i packed extra clothes just in case and we was on our way. they took us back and took her temp it was 102 again. so they tried getting her to take advile and she spit that on the dr so we undressed her and put wet blankets on her. the dr left the room and told me to yell if she started having another seizure. not even 5 minutes later lexi started seizing in my arms. so i yelled to the dr and she came running. she then looked at me and said she has to be admitted this is not normal. she called for an ambulance and off we went to the er. my sister in law bless her heart went into her work and explained what was going on and came to be at the hospital with me. they did blood tests,xrays, urine samples and nothing came up in any of them. they dont understand why she had a fever or why she was having seizures. we got released today after she hadnt had a fever for 12 hours

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