Thursday, August 4, 2011

what a month

first of all lexi is now getting occupational therapy which is going ok. i don't see any improvement but i guess i can't expect such a huge change so fast. we did find out at her doctor appointment that she has allergies to gluten and to milk so now she is on a gluten and casien free diet. i have to see the dietician to figure out how to do the diet cuz its hard to do. she will get speech here soon they just have to get the approval with medicaide. i'm excited for her to get speech so she will start talking more. a big and exciting thing is lexi is finally weaned off the pacifer. i decided that i was just gonna take it and she threw one heck of a fit but the after the first day she doesnt ask for it all that much. she does however have more meltdowns because she doesnt have it anymore so we will have to see what happens once shes used to not having it

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