Monday, August 8, 2011

just to get it off my chest

the more meltdowns lexi has the harder it becomes to even deal with it. like this evening she took off her clothes tried to get her to put something else on nope she only wanted socks. ok then i make her chicken nuggets and she eats about 8 of them. i go to make my own food now she wants my food too. here comes another meltdown. so i fix her some of my food she eats. and throws the rest of it at me for no reason. i tell her no and tell her its time for bed so she starts picking up her stuff to launch at me. i again tell her no pick her up and she starts screeching. finally i turn off the lights and tell her hey your do u want ur remote and she takes it and goes to sleep. what the heck is going on with her i want to know. everything is a fight with her. keeping clothes on her is like a chore all on its own.she will take the clothes off but wont put anything on and she has to be able to get into her drawer or she gets mad. the only thing i know that has set her off into epic meltdown mode is her pacifer. i just wish i knew how to stop her because 1 i am going to go crazy and 2 she is going to start school next week and she needs to not have meltdowns all the time. and ever since shes gone into meltdowns everyday she wont go to bed until after 930 or so even when i give her melitonin. so im going definitly call tomorrow cuz i think they need to tell me what to do to help her

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