Friday, February 24, 2012

you've got to be kidding me right

so yesterday was Lexi's appointment with her developmental dr. we got there right on time and waited to be seen. but wouldn't you know that the doctor wasn't even there. she was over an hour away. so the nurse called her and we talked on the phone. she said nothing about Lexi's anger issues. we also decided to start working really hard with Lexi on her talking app and see if that helps the frustration. i hope so because something has to give she can't continue to be mean to kids. then we went to speech therapy and her therapist and i had a nice talk. she said that besides oral apraxia she feels Lexi has some oral mouth weakness. so Lexi has a double whammy with that. but good new in physical therapy she peddled the bike on the carpet for the first time.


  1. Hi! Wanted to answer your question...we use proloquo also. At school we are trialing prc with minspeak. There are lots if apps like touch to talk...but you can also make proloquo as simple as you want. We atarted with four squares and one if them said next to goto the next screen :). Hope this helps. It is a work in progress for sure.

  2. Sorry about the typos...I'm typing on my phone :). Thanks for your comments!!

    1. how do you make it simple like 4 squares i cant figure it out