Sunday, May 14, 2017

the good and the bad

so good news last week is i talked to the person with vns again and lexis neuro has agreed for a 2nd opinion about the vns. we want to make sure every option has been looked at for lexi and if shes able to have the vns then lets go for it. we will see dr smith down at riley but it wont be for a while most likely due to the fact dr smith is a very good neurosurgeon and is very busy. so thats that. yesterday i went to change out lexis g tube like i have been doing since she got it and i cant get it out. so now i have to call gi and see if we can be seen and see if he can get it out without having to go in for a procedure to be removed. its never been like this so im not sure what is going on. also here lately lexi is picking at her skin and making herself bleed which is in turn messing scaring her skin. i dont know how to get her to stop. iv gotten her fidget toys but that dont seem to help which sucks cuz shes hurting herself

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