Sunday, May 7, 2017

dr appointment update

so tuesday we went and saw ent to see about the vns being placed again. basically he said he wont do it again because he feels her body would reject it again. the vns rep said we might look into allergy testing but honestly it could be a foreign body rejection and not allergic reaction to the metal. so i then called neuro and she is looking into other options since lexi is still having seizures. we havent been able to get the banzel yet because one pharmacy says they cant give it to us a specialty pharmacy has to. well called the specialty pharmacy and says a different pharmacy has already filled it. but cvs never filled it. so who knows whats going to happen. i also kinda demanded a longer eeg than the few hr one she had in august because i want to know what is going on over a period of days. so we shall see what they come up with. they are suppose to let me know tomorrow.

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