Sunday, April 30, 2017

long over due update

so since the last update we moved lexi to a new school for mix ability kids. it is a better school for her but her epilepsy has gotten worse since moving to the new school. at first she was having more dizziness and throwing up but now its absence, complex and more recently she is having tonic clonics again. the last one being yesterday. she scared the daylights out of me last sunday when she had a tonic clonic in the car that lasted over 5 minutes. we ended up going to the er and they gave her ativan before sending her home but that didnt stop the cycle she was in. she had seizures m-w and then went 2 days without any noticable ones and then the tonic clonic on saturday. this coming tuesday we will go meet with ent and see if its logical to put a vns back in lexi. im curious to see what he says since she had alot of problems the last time and had to have it removed. so we shall see. we did add a 3rd medicine in hopes it helps her somewhat. i know its a fact of life she will have seizures but the fact that they are coming more often is disheartening. school is going good for her when shes not having dizziness to where she has to lay down so thats a plus side. we are currently trying to get her a special needs stroller and communication device but so far both items have been denied. i guess just because lexi can walk they assume she doesnt need a stroller but she is 60 lbs and about as tall as me so when she has a seizure its hard for me to carry her. so im praying we will get them soon. ill try and keep you updated but heres an update for now