Saturday, July 18, 2015

rough couple of weeks

1st let me update on our cinncinati trip. we went and saw the dr on the 2nd and it went well. we are weaning off one seizure medicine and will be starting a medicine she was previously on again but this time putting her on a higher dose. we are also scheduled to have a 72 hr eeg in august as long as baby corroperates and im aloud to travel that far away lol. besides that they didnt have any other suggestions and they will follow up with her neuro here if we have questions or concerns. lexi however hasnt been sleeping all that much. for about a month or so she would only get 4 hrs of sleep and wake up at 2 in the morning. last week we put her on clonidine and its been working ok except for the past couple nights. friday early morning she woke up screaming because the thunder woke her up at 4 in the morning. i get that and was fine with her coming into my room but she never went back to sleep. then this morning she decided to wake up at 2 and scream until i let her out of her bed. once i did she then decided to get into my bread and my ham and act like she was going to eat it but instead got crumbs all over my bed. school starts in less than a month and im ready for her to go back because when shes in school she does a lot better. i hear that alot with kids who have autism though. i try to keep everything structured but its hard to at home.

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