Wednesday, April 29, 2015

over due update

lexi has been doing ok. she had a repeat sleep study and it came back that shes having uncontrolled seizures when sleeping causing and aggravating her central sleep apnea so her neuro upped her lamictal and added onfi. since doing that she has not had that many seizures that iv seen when shes asleep. we also go on monday to start the ketogenic diet in hopes that it helps her epilepsy. we will be admitted til wednesday or thursday. im nervous about it but i know this is our last chance before i request that she gets sent to cinncinati or clevland to their epilepsy clinic.i know the diet is gonna be hard for her but im hopeful it will help her. this week marks a yr since she had the vns rejection and infection. i still wish there was a way she could have the vns to see if it actually helps her cuz she never got a real chance at it. bigger news is lexi is going to be a big sister come september. i am currently 18 weeks pregnant and have the gender ultrasound may 13th. we are both excited but i think she is more excited lol.

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